PHP (LAMP) and Java certified professional, and robot enthusiast.

Tech Talks

PHP Meetup - Seattle July 2012
Topic: Summer of Object-Oriented Programming part II - Panelist
Date : 12 July 2012

PHP Meetup - Seattle Sept 2011
Topic: PHP and Java Integration Patterns
Date : 1 Sept 2011

Java CP130 August 2011
Topic: Java Message Service (
Date : 24 August 2011

PHP Meetup - Seattle May 2011
Topic: PHP & Gearman (
Date : 5 May 2011

WordCamp Seattle April 2011
Strategies for Using & Integrating WordPress CMS to PHP MVC Frameworks (slide)
Venue: Cascade Ballroom, Haggett Hall, University of Washington, Seatte, WA
Date : 16 April 2011

PHP Meetup - Seattle May 2010
Topic: Sphinx Search with PHP & MySQL (
Date : 6 May 2010

PHP Meetup - Seattle June 2009
Topic: Factory Pattern in PHP (
Date : 4 June 2009

PHP Meetup - Seattle October 2008
Topic: Introduction to PHPUnit (
Date : 2 October 2008

PHP Meetup - Seattle September 2008
Topic: Test Driven Development with PHP (
Date : 4 September 2008

Linux World Philippines 
Topics: MySQL Server Replication, Load Balancing and High Availability (
            Porting VB/VBA Apps to Open Office (
Dates : 14-16 September 2005

EDGE ECE Seminar Series
Topics : Computer Clusters, TCP/IP, Data Communications.
Venues: Adamson University
            AMA Computer University-Makati
            Technological Institute of the Phils-QC
            Technological University of the Phils
            University of the East.
Dates  : S.Y. 2003-2004, 2004-2005. 

PLUG Quarterly Seminars
Topics: Database Replication and Clustering on MySQL,
             Linux Clustering,       
             Penetration Testing Using Metasploit,
             Jabber Administration & Programming (w/ Arnel Perez),
             OpenOffice programming using StarBasic (w/ Aaron Apigo).
Venue: Asia Pacific College.
Dates : F.Y. 2003-2004, 2004-2005.

PLUG Road Show 
Topics : LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.
Venues: San Pablo Colleges, University of Baguio.
Dates  : S.Y. 2002-2003.

Personal Projects

CMS Adapter
CMS Adapter is a PHP library for connecting to various CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, Typo3, Concrete5, etc. and for presenting the content on a separate MVC framework e.g. Zend, Code Igniter.
social media enabler aimed for unstructured user-generated content, providing a data source that is easily accessible from facebook, twitter, friendfeed, blog/profile widgets, RSS readers, etc.
Child care self-service portal. This project was also presented at the University of Washington Business Development certificate program back in 2009. 

A GPS (NMEA) add-on for google earth free edition. geepeeyes plots location, trail, speed and heading on a dynamic map view. Now with Text-to-Speech driving direction feature and a wireless auditing tool (
gwdtool) for WiFi signal visualization via NetStumbler-to-KML conversion.

Search for Vulnerabilities & Exploits
A comprehensive cybersecurity vulnerability and exploit search using google co-op custom search engine.


Community Involvement 

PHP Meetup - Seattle 
Seattle's local PHP group the meets on a monthly basis to share expertise, insights, technologies, best practices on using PHP, LAMP and the SDLC in general. 

Philippine Linux Users Group 
Founded in 1994, the Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that advocates for the adoption of the GNU/Linux operating system and free and open source software in the Philippines. Composed entirely of volunteers from many sectors of society such as businesses, the academe, government, medical sciences and other non-government organizations, PLUG seeks to be an avenue of development in its stated goal of promoting free and open source software - from its technical superiority to ultimately the freedom it gives to everyone.

Philippine Honeynet
The Philippine Honeynet Project is a non-profit, all volunteer group dedicated to honeynet and security research. Currently a member in the Honeynet Research Alliance (

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