Dye Sublimation Printing on Lanyard Makes the Prints Last for a really Long Time

Dye Sublimation Printing on Lanyard Makes the Prints Last for a really Long Time

Initially, lanyards were made of ordinary material like polyester and nylon. These materials were affordable and easily available. When someone got it customized, they got name or logo printed on it. With time, print used to fade due to lot of wear. It looked untidy and therefore, fresh pieces were ordered.

Gradually, dye sublimation method came into picture. This method helps in transferring ink directly into the lanyard fabric with pressure and heat. This means dye sublimated lanyards aren’t coated with paint that wears off, but the print is infused into the fabric. This helps in retaining the color of print forever.

Polyester and nylon are affordable material, but harmful for environment. This is because, during the lanyard manufacture, a hazardous chemical emits from factory. Moreover, some of the materials aren’t reusable which means they are just dumped in trash that ends up in landfill. Thus, it is wise to use recycle products that are safe for environment.

Custom Earth Promos produces environmentally friendly products that include recycled lanyards as well. The company is based in Delray, Florida since 2009. Earlier this company focused only on recycled bags, but now they have vast diverse collection of items like recycled, bottles, seed papers, lanyards, USB drive, straws, pens, etc. they work towards the betterment of the environment and also customers by direct dealing with them.

Dye infused lanyards is long-lasting and durable. They have their own benefits –

  • Natural appearance
  • Long-lasting print

Natural appearance

In ordinary lanyards, the print is on top of the fabric that makes it look artificial. However, in dye sublimation, the ink is infused in the fabric with heat. This looks as if the color ad print was woven with the material and it’s difficult to separate it. It gives an elegant look to lanyard as if the company has invested a lot in manufacturing it.

Long-lasting print

Dye-sublimation printing is fast and quite easy. There are various color shades that can be utilized in printing on fabric. Manufacturing of such lanyards also consume less time. Moreover, the prints are long-lasting which means with time it saves money as well.

Process of dye sublimation in lanyards

We all know in dye sublimation paint is infused and not coated on top of fabric. The artwork that is to be printed on lanyard is provided to the production department of manufacturer. They print that design on the transfer sheet. This sheet is laid on the lanyard that is placed under heat press machine.

With heat plus pressure, the machine pushes the ink into the fabric, (here sublime means from solid to gas form without undergoing the liquid stage). After some time the entire ink is infused into the fabric and after cooling it blends with the material. This print will not wash away and will also not wear out in pieces. This method has improved the quality of every print and photo because various shades can be used easily in it.

Custom lanyards provide you the ability to endorse your brand name and logo. If you order large size of lanyard and use dye sublimation printing, then it enhances its effect. With logo and company name you can also add some other artwork to make it look different. It is the most economical way of promoting business.

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